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Michele Smith Backyard SB Package

Price: $2,732.40



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Michele Smith Softball Backyard Package Includes:

•  Super Softball™ Pitching Machine

•  Backyard Batting Cage™ #8, #27 (11' x 11' x 55')

•  Outdoor Frame for Batting Cage #8

•  Fixed-Frame™ Softball Screen

•  Back-Saver™ Ball Basket

•  3-Dozen Yellow Dimpled Sting-Free Softballs

•  FREE Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer

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Michele Smith Softball Backyard Package™. SAVE 10% on complete package.

This package features the JUGS Super Softball Pitching Machine


Please note that this package cannot be shipped 1,2 or 3 day air. Allow 12-20 days for Frame Shipment.