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CHANGEUP Super Softball™ Pitching Machine

Price: $1,895.00



NEW CHANGEUP FEATURE! Fastballs up to 70 mph and changeups at speeds as low as 44 mph.

•  Revolutionary changeup feature and higher speed range for the advanced hitter.

•  Remote control on keychain—Change from Fastball to changeup at the touch of a button—at the machine, by the hitter or in the dugout. Manual changeup button located on control panel.

•  Now comes with or without Transport Cart. Weighs just 75 lbs. One person can load the JUGS in the trunk of a car.

•  Patented "always see the ball"™ delivery system.

•  Throws 11" or 12" softballs, JUGS LeatherLast™ Softballs, JUGS Sting-Free softballs, JUGS Lite-Flite softballs, JUGS Softie softballs and the JUGS Bulldog polyballs.

•  Digital readout display and Swivel-design base provides 360 degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups and ground balls.

•  Comes standard with a 12" chute (11" chute sold separately).

•  Runs on 110-volt AC or Yamaha® EF2000iSv2 Inverter Generator.
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In a National survey, 94.8% of all softball coaches polled asked for a change up machine - and we listened.
Introducing the Next Generation of JUGS Pitching Machines!


Here's what some of the top coaches are saying:

  "This machine is incredible, a must for any hitter or team wanting to improve their batting averages and ability to hit changeups."

  Michele Smith,
  1996, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist

  "Every softball program should add a JUGS Changeup to their daily hitting routine."

  Celeste Knierim,
  NFCA Hall of Famer

  Note: JUGS Sports is proud to include articles written by Celeste Knierim in the Coaches Corner.


  "This machine is the real deal, It's not only great for working with your hitters, but it's also perfect for advanced outfield drills."

  Mike White,
  Fastpitch, Inc.
  Note: Coach White is making his knowledge on Fastpitch available through 2 DVD's which are available @ mikewhitefastpitch.com

  "Hitting a 70 mph fastball, followed by a 55 mph changeup is a real challenge."

  Chelsea Spencer,
  Assistant Softball Coach, University of Oregon
  Member 2002 WCWS Championship Team
  2002 All America

  "Hitting off the JUGS new Changeup Super Softball machine is the next best thing to live batting practice."
  Hannah Pomeroy,
  Assistant Softball Coach, University of North Dakota

Higher Speed and New Changeup Feature


The NEW JUGS CHANGEUP Super Softball Pitching Machine's changeup feature and higher speed range is designed for the advanced softball player. Fastballs up to 70 mph and Changeups as low as 44 mph. For optimum performance, when using the fastball/changeup mode, your machine must be 37 feet from home plate.

New Hand-Held Remote

By changing the speeds at the press of a button, without the hitter knowing it, batting practice simply isn't automatic anymore.
Remote or Manual Control.
Switch between fastballs and changeups with the touch of a button using the hand-held Remote Control. Remote Control can be used at the machine, behind the hitter or even in the dugout.

Batting Practice with a Purpose.
A must for any hitter or team wanting to improve their batting averages and the ability to hit the changeup.


Advanced Outfield Drills
Change the distance of fly balls at the push of a button—from short popups to long fly balls.

Easy to Move, just tilt and roll.
Moving your JUGS Changeup Super Softball Machine is easy with the Transport Cart. Once your machine is attached to the Transport Cart's base, simply insert the handle, tilt and roll.

Recommended balls for the Changeup Super Softball Pitching Machine
The JUGS CHANGEUP Super Softball Pitching Machine throws 11" or 12" Softballs, JUGS LeatherLast™ Softballs, Sting-Free® softballs—dimpled and seam,