JUGS Sports | Pitching Machine League

Young ballplayers can safely play a fun-filled, action-packed seven inning game in under 90 minutes. How? By using a JUGS Pitching Machine as the "Designated Pitcher".

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider starting up a JUGS Pitching Machine League™ in your community:

1. The JUGS Pitching Machine League™ is fun for young ballplayers ages 5-12
Using a JUGS machine as the "Designated Pitcher" means every pitch during the game is a very hitable strike. No fear equals more fun.

2. The games are is easy to administer
No home plate umpire is needed. The game's umpire is also the one who feeds the JUGS machine.

3. The games are fast paced, fun-filled and safe
Most Pitching Machine League programs use a softer safety ball, such as the JUGS Softie® Baseballs. The JUGS machine throws only strikes so the batters are safe. The JUGS Softie's are soft, so the fielders are safe. This results in increased activity at the plate and in the field, and decreases the chances of serious injury.

4. The JUGS Pitching Machine League™ games are usually closely contested because no big strong pitcher can dominate or intimidate less skilled players, balanced games create a healthier learning atmosphere for all of the participants.

Following are some suggested rules you might want to use in your JUGS Pitching Machine League™:

• Age level A is for 5 and 6 year olds.
• Age level B is for 7, 8, and 9 year olds.
• Age level C is for 10, 11, and 12 year olds.
• Player roster. 12 kids per team (14 to 16 players acceptable).
• All players should be placed in the batting order. 
• In level A, use four outfielders and four infielders.
• In level B, use four outfielders and four infielders.
• The catcher takes his/her normal position.
• Place a player on the left side of the pitching machine for fielding purposes.
• The umpire is also the one who feeds the JUGS machine.
• There is free substitution for the team in the field. It is a good idea to rotate the players to a different position every inning. 
  (Remember, a Pitching Machine League is a learning experience for kids.)
• No one player should sit on the bench (when his team is in the field) for more than one inning.
• Games are seven innings. There are no extra inning games. So, tie games are possible.
• Each batter gets a maximum of five pitches. Batter is out on a fifth pitch foul ball.
• Stealing is not allowed in level A or B.
• Stealing is permitted in level C. Runners may leave their base once the ball touches the catchers glove or body.
• There is no "infield fly" rule in level A or B.
• The "infield fly" rule is in effect for level C.
• Any batted ball which hits the machine, is a base hit and the ball is dead. 
• Thrown balls hitting the machine are dead.
• All other standard rules of baseball apply.

Download the Official Pitching Machine League Rules. (PDF)

If you are interested in starting a JUGS Pitching Machine League™ in your community, the  JUGS MVP® Baseball Pitching Machine  or the  JUGS Jr.™ Pitching Machine  is the machine for you.

For more information, call JUGS toll free: 1-800-547-6843 or email us at info@jugssports.com