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BP1 Baseball Only Pitching Machine

Price: $1,350.00



NEW higher speed range—up to 70 mph!

  • With a digital readout display you can set your BP1 to throw at the exact mph you desire—you decide which speed is best for your players. 

  • Portable and easy to move and set up. Weighs just 75 lbs. One person can remove the legs and load the JUGS in the trunk of a car. 

  • Throws baseballs, Sting-Free baseballs—dimpled and seam, tennis balls, Lite-Flite baseballs, SOFTIE baseballs, the JUGS Pearl and JUGS BULLDOG™ baseballs.

  • Special non-marking pneumatic tire.

  • Great for offensive or defensive drills.

  • Realistic delivery height for baseball.

  • Swivel-design base provides 360 degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups and ground balls.

  • Runs on 110-volt AC, Powerhorse Portable Generator-2000 or the Complete Practice Battery Pack.


The JUGS BP1 Baseball Only Pitching Machine comes complete with a baseball chute and long straight legs. Pitches are thrown from a realistic release point and throwing consistent strikes so your players can confidently step into the batter's box and start swinging, since they know that each and every pitch is going to be a strike.

The JUGS BP1 Pitching Machine is the most widely used youth-league pitching machine in the world. The BP1 Pitching Machine is generally used by Pitching Machine Leagues, High Schools, & Youth Leagues.

hitters jr machine
For youngsters just starting out in the game nothing is better than repetition of fundamental skills. By using the BP1 Pitching Machine, young ball players get to hone their swings because pitches arrive in virtually the same location each time. That makes the challenge of hitting a little easier and a lot more fun.

Balls used with the Jr Baseball
JUGS BP1 Baseball Only Pitching Machine throws baseballs, Sting-Free® baseballs—dimpled, tennis balls, 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: JUGS BP1 Baseball Only Pitching Machine

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