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Soccer Machine™

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"Kicks" up to 80 yards and duplicates any type of shot or pass.


Soccer Machine™

(No reviews yet) Write a Review

"Kicks" up to 80 yards and duplicates any type of shot or pass.

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Over 2,000 high school and college soccer teams make their practices perfect using JUGS Soccer Machine. With JUGS, you can “kick” left- or right-footed and hook a ball at any arc, speed, or distance—up to 80 yards. JUGS Soccer Machine helps you really maximize your team’s practice time.


Strikers always get a good selection of balls. First-time volleys, headers, and ground shots can be practiced with or without opposition present—you can select any area for the ball to be played into. You can vary the height, speed, and amount of spin impacted to the ball, creating both in-swinging and out-swinging crosses.


The JUGS Soccer Machine is perfect for athletes of all ages, and "kicks" balls from 20-90 mph at the turn of a dial.

Goalkeeper Practice: With JUGS Soccer Machine, your goalkeepers can improve skills like taking high crosses, punching difficult crosses, narrowing the angle, increasing reaction time, and improving diving technique. All types of high-lofting shots can be thrown with the JUGS Soccer Machine. Your defenders learn how to aggressively intercept high crosses and clear them away from dangerous positions around the goal. JUGS consistent and realistic shots at the goalkeeper help him or her prepare for games and give you time to coach. Your goalkeepers will see more shots in a 20-minute drill session than they'll see in 10 games.

The JUGS Soccer Machine can duplicate any type of pass or shot that players will ever see in games. Balls can be perfectly fed to your players, with JUGS Soccer Machine. You can easily vary the height, speed, distance, and spin of the balls thrown by JUGS, so your players quickly learn how to control the ball with their feet, thighs, or chests. Players can also greatly improve their one-touch passing techniques with JUGS because of the different types of passes the JUGS Soccer Machine will make. Your team's free-kick defense will quickly improve with JUGS Soccer Machine because its remarkable accuracy makes it an invaluable tool for setting up set play situations.




Trusted and used by the very best at every level of soccer.

Don’t just take our work for it. Hear from future Hall of Famers and Champions, from youth leagues to the MLS.