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The JUGS Story

The first JUGS product, a curveball pitching machine, has developed into the most revolutionary training aid for all phases of the game of baseball. With its ability to accurately throw more than 600 pitches over the plate in one hour, at any speed or spin desired, JUGS is the best training aid for players of all ages.

But JUGS is more than a pitching machine. Fielding practice has been greatly improved by using JUGS to throw grounders, pop-ups, and flies to infielders, outfielders, and even catchers. JUGS is also great for simulating game-like conditions and aiding in pre-season tryouts.

Other JUGS products which have spun off of this original concept are causing just as much excitement in their respective areas. Now, teams in seven other sports are enjoying better practices because of JUGS products. Besides baseball, there are now JUGS machines for softball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and even the British Commonwealth’s national sport—cricket!

When John Paulson set out to build a baseball pitching machine to help his two sons become better hitters, he didn’t realize the venture would have such a tremendous impact on the great American pastime. But that is exactly what happened. Ninety-four percent of all baseball players entering professional baseball in the last forty-two years have developed their skills with the help of JUGS.In 1970, Paulson began investigating the various pitching machines that were available at the time but found them lacking in many aspects. Most were prone to falling apart under normal use, were too heavy and hard to move, would not throw strikes consistently, and would not throw realistic curves.

As a result, Paulson purchased a patent covering the use of pneumatic tires to throw baseballs and incorporated some ingenious ideas of his own to create a new pitching machine. This machine not only threw all types of pitches—curves, sliders, fastballs, and even sinking split-finger fastballs, at any speed desired—but it was also durable, trouble-free and light enough to be transported in the trunk of a small car. The machine was named the JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine, from the old-time baseball expression “jug-handle curve.” The key to the machine’s instant popularity was its portability, durability, and its ability to accurately throw all types of pitches, especially curveballs.
Coach Jack Dunn
In a very short time, almost all college national championship teams and contenders, as well as state high school champions, were using JUGS. Word spread quickly among baseball coaches about how JUGS was helping build championship teams. Articles in trade magazines sang its praises. Sports Illustrated covered the machine on three different occasions and predicted that JUGS would revolutionize baseball.

SI Article 1974The recognition of JUGS reached its zenith when Paulson appeared on the nationally-televised Mike Douglas Show to demonstrate the machine with “Mr. October,” Reggie Jackson.

Mike Douglas Show
Today, over 203,000 teams use a JUGS machine at their practices. In fact, the most widely used pitching machines in the world are made by JUGS Sports.

John Paulson did not stop with just one pitching machine idea. Recognizing the need for improved practice and play in youth leagues, Paulson designed the JUGS Jr.™, an inexpensive pitching machine which throws amazingly-accurate straight balls, as well as flies and grounders for fielding practice.

Paulson then began to take a close look at other sports to see how the JUGS concept could help athletes improve in those sports. The creative energy of John Paulson produced remarkable results: a softball machine that throws risers, drops and slowpitch tosses; a football-throwing machine that can toss a perfect spiral over 100 yards; a soccer machine that “hooks” high-arcing corner kicks right into the goal; and new equally impressive JUGS machines for other sports.

The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine

JUGS products now available include practice baseballs and softballs, heavy-duty batting cage nets, protective screens, automatic ball feeders, numerous hitting aids and the famous JUGS Radar Guns—the first radar guns designed specifically to measure the speed of baseballs and softballs.

Just as the JUGS baseball and softball pitching machines have helped batters of all ages dramatically improve their hitting skills, the famed JUGS Gun is likewise helping pitchers master their craft. The top scouts of Major League Baseball Teams use The JUGS Gun as their main tool in discovering new pitching prospects.

Radar Gun
Redesigned Curveball Machine

In 1988, JUGS introduced the JUGS MVP® Pitching Machine, a machine specifically designed for use as a designated pitcher in games for young ballplayers, ages 5–12.

MVP Designated Pitcher

In the 1990s, we added the Super Softball™ Pitching Machine, the 101™ Baseball Pitching Machine and the redesigned Combination Pitching Machine™, these were introduced to even better meet the specific needs of high school and college baseball and softball teams. The Super Softball™ Pitching Machine is perfect for advanced high school and college fast-pitch softball teams. It can throw at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. The 101™ Baseball Pitching Machine was designed to provide an advanced pitching machine at an economical price. With its Dial-A-Pitch® feature, you can change pitches and speeds by simply turning a dial. This makes the JUGS 101™ Baseball Pitching Machine the simplest and most convenient-to-use two-wheel pitching machine on the market today. The JUGS Combination Pitching Machine™, an old JUGS favorite, was designed to meet the needs of high school and college baseball, softball and tennis teams on a tight budget—as well as a growing number of our backyard customers.

In 1997, the realization that practices were changing and that coaches and teams were more on the go led to the creation of the first folding and portable screen of it's kind—The JUGS Instant Screen®. At a huge 7' x 7' size, the Instant Screen® has become part of practices throughout the world.

Instant Screen Story

In 2003 JUGS introduced the JUGS Lite-Flite® Machine. The Lite-Flite® Machine brings one word to mind—FUN! It weighs just 35 lbs. and can be easily transported from the park to your backyard. It throws Lite-Flite® and poly baseballs and softballs and can be adjusted to throw all types of pitches, including fastballs, curves and sliders.

Lite-Flite Story

2007 saw the addition of the JUGS SMALL-BALL® Pitching Machine. What makes the SMALL-BALL® Machine unique is that it throws the JUGS Polyurethane-Foam 5'' SMALL-BALL® up to simulated speeds of 75 mph. It also comes complete with a 25-ball automatic feeder. The JUGS SMALL-BALL® Machine throws fastballs and overhand curves with uncanny accuracy and weighs just 23 lbs.

Small-Ball Machine Story

Throughout the research and development of every JUGS product, John Paulson’s methodology has remained a constant: observe how athletes practice their respective sports, then develop machinery and practice equipment that will help those athletes reach their highest possible level.

In 2016, JUGS Sports took the next step in machine technology by developing a pitching machine that could go from fastballs to changeups at a touch of a button. Imagine setting up for a 70-mph fastball and getting a 55-mph changeup instead. The amazing thing is as a hitter you won’t see or hear the machine change speeds. This is as close as a pitching machine can get to a live pitcher. JUGS Sports is confident that this new changeup concept will revolutionize how teams take batting practice. Cutting edge ideas like this is one of the many reasons JUGS Sports has remained the #1-selling pitching machine company in the world for over 47 years.

The Paulson brothers have carried on this tradition at JUGS Sports. Because of this, you can be sure that all JUGS products will continue to lead the way to more innovative practices and an overall improvement of every sport that uses them.

story changeup

For 2017, JUGS Sports has introduced the most advanced two wheel pitching machine ever produced, the JUGS BP®2. It replaces the legendary JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine after 4 decades of exemplary work.

We are humbled, and consider it a privilege to have been your #1 source for training aids these past 47 years. We give you our firm commitment that we will be here for you and for generations to come.