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Cage #5 Polyethylene: 70' L x 14' W x 16' H

Price: $660.00



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  • Twisted Knotted Black Polyethylene Nets are hung on the square and are designed specifically for baseball and softball use. 

  • All JUGS nets come with a JUGS Hitter’s Door for easy in-and-out access.

  • Knotted nets have a higher overall strength and durability rating making them superior for direct impact sports like baseball and softball. 

  • Polyethylene netting doesn’t absorb water—perfect for wet or humid hot climates­—This is the best protection to prevent rotting. 

  • All JUGS nets are black and offer the best protection from the affects of sunlight—the darker the color, the greater the UV deflection.

  • We incorporate the industries highest UV protection.

  • JUGS netting is hydraulically depth stretched to improve knot tightness and reduce stretching and shrinking over time.

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Purchase 1 of Cage #5 Polyethylene: 70' L x 14' W x 16' H and get:

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ButchJUGS Batting Cage Net #5:
Our largest cage, is available in 2 Strengths of
Twisted Knotted Black Polyethylene:     

42 Black Twisted PolyethyleneRecommended Frame
60 Black Twisted PolyethyleneRecommended Frame

All JUGS Batting Cage Nets come with a Hitter’s Door for easy in-and-out access.
Hitter's Door Photos

Additional Quality Features and Benefits:

Butch letterFeatures and Benefits

Heavy-Duty Polypropylene Black Rope Borders on top, bottom, and vertical corners.

Rib-Line Down the Center for extra suspension points with less sagging.

Cage Ropes

Additional Information: