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  • Lacrosse Machine

    Lacrosse Machine


    MASTER THE GAME OF LACROSSE  With the NEW JUGS Lacrosse Machine, your players can practice a variety of skills including stick skills with either hand. CHANGE YOUR MACHINE HEIGHT TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Throw balls up to 60 mph in any...

  • Lacrosse Machine Battery Pack


    A fully-charged battery will power your JUGS Lacrosse Machine for up to 1.5 hours at full speed. BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS: Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid Battery 12 Volts, 36 Amp. Hours, DC 600-Watt Inverter, 100-240V AC Charger: 100-240V 1-Year Limited...

  • Soccer Machine™

    Soccer Machine™


    MAXIMIZE YOUR PRACTICE TIME Over 2,000 high school and college soccer teams make their practices perfect using JUGS Soccer Machine. With JUGS, you can “kick” left- or right-footed and hook a ball at any arc, speed, or...

  • Cricket Bowling Machine

    Cricket Bowling Machine


    It simulates both left- and right-handed bowlers. Its patented "gooseneck" design provides full range of movement to adjust for all types of deliveries including short pitched deliveries, in-swing, out-swing, and spin (off spin, leg spin and top...