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Where is the serial number on my JUGS machine?

This is our most frequently asked question. Generally speaking, the number is on a small silver tag on the main blue frame of the machine. The number is not on the motor. With a few exceptions, the motor number is useless to us. Always have the serial #'s (for example: JR 5555, C-1776, M.V.P. 1530, SSB 1999). Having the serial number when you call will help us solve your service needs in a timely manner.








When do I need to send my JUGS machine in for an overhaul or maintenance?

One of the most common myths in the service department is that after a few years of usage the machine needs to be sent to JUGS for service. This is not true. In truth, machines rarely have to come back to our shop for service. The maintenance can be done by you. As long as the air pressure in the tire is checked, and the machine is constantly kept away from water, routine maintenance is all you need to do. (see question #1) Storing the machine indoors will add to the longevity of your machine.

What kind of generator should I use on my JUGS machine?

The truth is, this is a very risky proposition. JUGS can only recommend the generator we are currently selling (which is the Yamaha® EF2000iS v2) for use with your pitching machine. Before using any other type of generator, please call the JUGS service department.This is very important because some generator models damage your machine's motor and control board.

My JUGS machine quit working...What's wrong?

We separate electrical problems into two categories: Was the machine running when it quit? Or did it not work when first brought out of storage? These two questions can mean two different problems. First, if it quit during usage, 99 percent of the time it is something in the circuit board that has gone wrong. Chances are, unless water was involved, the circuit board will have to be replaced. If the machine wasn't working out of storage, that could indicate a motor problem. Keep in mind motors rarely have to be replaced. They can usually be repaired locally at minimal cost if done correctly. Please call the service department at 1-800-547-6843 with the specific serial # of your JUGS machine (See Question #1 above) before attempting any type of repair. Calling us first could save you time and money.