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I'm looking for past issues of the JUGS Newsletter.

The JUGS Newsletter was started in 1980. To receive all of the back issues absolutely free, please contact Jugs Sports at 1-800-547-6843  (or you may contact Steve at They make great summer time reading.

What is the correct air pressure for the tires on my JUGS machine?

The machine tires should have 16 to 17 pounds of air in them.

Does JUGS sell an 11 inch Lite-Flite softball?

Yes! JUGS does sell 11 and 12 inch Lite-Flite® softballs and they are in stock at all times.

Does JUGS sell a portable batting cage that doesn't need to be cemented into the ground?

Yes! JUGS has an 11' x 11' x 45' Hit at Home® Backyard Batting Cage that is great for baseball and softball. Perfect for backyards. No digging or cement.

Our organization is thinking about starting up a pitching machine league next spring. Is there a set of rules and suggestions to help us?

Yes! In fact, if you email Steve Candello at he will be glad to send you a JUGS Pitching Machine Rule Book.

How accurate are the JUGS Radar Guns?

The JUGS Radar Guns have an accuracy index of ± ½ mile per hour.

I want to re-paint my JUGS Machine what color paint do I buy?

Ford blue paint.

Can I use regular baseballs and softballs in my JUGS machine?

Yes, they work very well. However, if cost is a factor in your organization, we would not recommend using them because they last only a fraction of the time that our "sting free" balls last.

I can get my Instant Screen into a circle but it is too big for my bag. How do I get it into the proper size to fit in the carrying bag?

When you fold the top of the screen down to the bottom near the logo, you need to push it forward to where the netting starts, about a foot above our logo. Viewing the Video Instruction for folding the Instant Screen may help.

I have the machine set up to throw a 60 M.P.H. pitch at 60 feet. How fast will it be throwing if I set the machine at 42 feet?

Sixty miles per hour. The velocity doesn't change when you move the machine closer. What changes is the hitter's time to react to the pitch, making it seem like a faster pitch.

On your batting cage frames, why is the middle wider than the ends?

You want a two foot gap between the netting and the frame to limit the batted balls that can hit the frame and bounce back at the hitter. This is accomplished on the end sections by having the distance from one end of the frame to the other be four feet longer than the net.

Does JUGS have any ideas on fundraising?

Yes we do! Please visit our Fundraising Page for a list of great fundraising ideas.

Are there online instruction manuals available for JUGS equipment?

Yes! Please visit the Instructions Page full instructions on all JUGS products.

Does JUGS have a speed chart for their pitching machines?

Yes! Please email Jim at and make sure to tell Jim for which JUGS machine you need a speed chart.

What type of balls does the JUGS Lite-Flite machine throw?

The JUGS Lite-Flite machine will throw JUGS Lite-Flite baseballs and softballs and JUGS Bulldog baseballs and softballs.

How fast does the new JUGS SMALL-BALL Machine throw?

The JUGS SMALL-BALL Machine can simulate speeds up to 75 mph.

We're looking for instructional books and videos on softball. Can JUGS give us some direction?

Yes! We can. The best place we found for instructional books and videos on softball is the Michele Smith web site at

Are the JUGS machines available in 220-volt models?

Yes! Most JUGS machines are available in 220-volt models. Please call the JUGS office for details (1-800-547-6843).

I have an old JUGS machine. Can I get new warning decals?

We periodically update our warning decals. If you haven't already done so, please e-mail Steve at to order a current set of warning decals. (Please, tell Steve which JUGS products you need warning decals for).

How do I check on the shipping status for my order?

After you've placed your order, you can check on the shipping status in Your Account. If you wish to obtain a tracking number for your order, please call our sales department at 1-800-547-6843.

If I request One-Day Shipping, will I get my order the next day?

Not all of the items listed on our site are available immediately, so selecting One-Day or Two-Day Shipping does not necessarily mean your order will arrive in one or two days. There is no weekend pickup or delivery for One-Day or Two-Day Shipping. Also, when you select One-Day or Two-Day Shipping, we may use air or ground shipping as necessary to get your items to you within the promised time frame.

***Note, shipments that include our frames systems may take up to 12-20 days to be delivered***

Backordered: This item is currently not in stock but it is available for ordering. If you place an order, we will send you an e-mail with the expected delivery date as soon as we have that information from our suppliers.

Can I cancel an order?

Most orders you place on enter the shipping process fast so we can get your items to you as soon as possible.

If your order hasn't shipped: You can cancel the order by calling our sales department at 1-800-547-6843.

If your order has already shipped: Since orders in the shipping process cannot be modified, you'll need to refuse delivery or initiate a return when the item arrives. Please notify our customer service department immediately concerning any changes to your order. They can be reached at 1-800-547-6843.

Can I return or exchange a damaged or defective item?

Please contact our customer service department immediately regarding any returns, exchanges, damages or defects; neglecting to do so within 10 days, may result in a lack of reimbursement. You can reach them by calling 1-800-547-6843, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time.

Do I get a warranty with my order?

Warranties vary depending on the product. For more information, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-547-6843.

***The 5 year warranty on cage frames does not cover weather conditions such as high wind and snow.

Will my order be canceled if my payment is declined?

JUGS Sports attempts to charge your payment method once. If the payment declines, then attempts are made to contact you directly from the phone numbers listed on the order.

My JUGS machine quit working... What's wrong?

We separate electrical problems into two categories: Was the machine running when it quit? Or did it not work when first brought out of storage? These two questions can mean two different problems. First, if it quit during usage, 99 percent of the time it is something in the circuit board that has gone wrong. Chances are, unless water was involved, the circuit board will have to be replaced. If the machine wasn't working out of storage, that could indicate a motor problem. Keep in mind motors rarely have to be replaced. They can usually be repaired locally at minimal cost if done correctly. Please call the service department at 1-800-547-6843 with the specific serial # of your JUGS machine (See Question #1 above) before attempting any type of repair. Calling us first could save you time and money.

Where did the term "JUGS" originate?

The original JUGS Curveball Machine was named from an old-time baseball expression for a curveball, "jug handle curve". The name stuck and has been part of baseball ever since.