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Huge Garage Sale

Newman High's Baseball team raised over $3,300 with a huge garage sale. Here's how:

Following is a letter from Gary Nyhus, the Head Baseball Coach at Newman High in Mason City, Iowa that you will want to read if your team could use some extra money.


To the Editor of TJN:

I would like to submit a fundraising idea that was worth over $3,300 for the baseball program at Newman High School in Mason City, Iowa. In the fall of the year we held a huge garage sale in the Newman gynmasium.

All donations were tax deductible and the school vans were used to pick up articles for the sale. We started gathering goods almost one and a half months previous to the sale. The goods were stored in a moving van which was donated to the school for a storage facility for a period of two months.

Baseball players started the project but help was received from the study halls, booster club members, faculty, and many, many interested parents.

To name just a few items: three color TVs, six stoves, five regrigerators, dozens of chairs and couches, lumber, washing machines, dryers, hundreds of knick-knacks, approximately 100,000 articles of clothing, and so much more I can't name them all.

We pulled in $2,600 on the Saturday of the sale and another $700 on Sunday. At the Sunday sale, we sold all you could carry out for a dollar.

After the sale concluded, it took seven trips with vans and trucks to empty the school gym and take the items to the local Salvation Army and Goodwill offices.

Sincerely, Gary Nyhus Baseball Coach and A.D. Newman High School