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Kids Night Out

Rainer High School raised $750 in five hours with a "Kids Night Out" fundraiser.

Following is a letter from Carol Eckart, the Softball Club Advisor at Rainer High School in Rainier, Oregon. Carol's letter might help your team raise some much needed cash.

Dear Sirs:

My softball team has come up with a great idea for earning money--so great in fact, that the proceeds have allowed us to buy a JUGS pitching machine and a generator.

Last season the girls put on a "Kids Night Out" in our high school gym--pool--commons area. For five dollars parents left their grade school aged kids for five hours of fun on a Saturday.

The response was tremendous! Over 160 kids showed up, and we cleared $750. We put it on again before Christmas, and had over 150 kids participate.

The big advantage of this fundraiser is that all work is done, including money collection, in one day.

We have decided to do it twice a year from now on--once before Christmas and once during our season. It's a fast, fun filled money making event. The kids and their parents love it!

Carol Eckart