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Here’s Your Chance to Get a Job in Professional Baseball!

Here’s Your Chance to Get a Job in Professional Baseball!

There’s a baseball job fair happening in San Diego. But there’s more to it than that.

You’ll want to share this news with anyone you know who has baseball in their blood, would love working in professional baseball or is serious about pursuing a career in Minor League—and even Major League—Baseball.

Imagine a career in baseball. For many that would be a dream come true to work for a Minor League team...and maybe one day a Major League club.

That dream is within reach.

Every year in December, Major League Baseball holds its Winter Meetings, where baseball executives discuss business, trades and more. This year, the Winter Meetings are taking place in San Diego, California, from December 8–11, 2019.

What few know is that there is also a job fair held at the same time as part of the annual Winter Meetings, where job fair attendees can apply for a variety of jobs, get interviewed on the spot and launch their careers in baseball.

Is this job fair open to the public? Yes. But you must take specific steps to be able to attend and participate. Here’s are the top things you need to know:

1. You can still register to attend…but you’d have to register IN PERSON.

The job fair runs from December 8th through the 11th. The online registration deadline has passed, unfortunately, but you CAN register in person for the job fair starting at 7 a.m. on Sunday, December 8th, in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center. Hundreds of baseball employees and hiring managers will be there, from hundreds of Minor and Major League teams.

The Professional Baseball Employee Opportunities (PBEO) organization recommends you arrive Sunday, December 8th, to attend the optional Business of Baseball Workshop Series (included with job fair registration) on Sunday morning and stay through the afternoon of Wednesday, December 11th, to be available for interviews throughout the entire job fair.

2. You must join the PBEO organization to attend the job fair.

You must join PBEO, the organization that is the official employment service of Minor League Baseball, to attend the fair. PBEO was created 25 years ago to provide “year-round placement service to their member clubs (Minor League teams) and to Major League Baseball.” Make note of year-round—that means when you join PBEO, you can stay notified of job openings throughout the year.

3. You must pay a fee to join PBEO and to register for the job fair.

The total cost for entry to the job fair (if you’re not already a PBEO member) will be $275. That is $50 for a one-year membership in PBEO and $225 to attend the job fair in San Diego. You can probably join PBEO online before you attend the job fair. That might be a good idea anyway because you will be notified of openings throughout the year.

4. Most jobs at the fair (30 percent) are entry level and for Minor League teams.

Most of these positions could transition into full-time positions and other opportunities—and could lead to assignments and a career in Major League Baseball. Best of all, these are exciting opportunities for anyone hoping to launch a career in Major League Baseball. Here are the types of positions available:

Administrative Assistant Advertising/Sponsorship Assistant GM Business/Accounting/Finance Clubhouse/Equipment Manager Community Relations Concessions/Catering Event Management Graphic Design

Group Sales Internship IT/Computer Network Systems Marketing Mascot Media Relations Merchandise/Retail Services Play-by-Play; Public Relations Senior Management

Social Media Stadium Operations Ticket Sales

Turf/Grounds Management Video Production

5. There were nearly 500 jobs posted at the job fair last year.

With so many baseball staffers and executives in one place all focusing on baseball business, this is a great opportunity for them to meet potential new hires face to face over several days. They can interview multiple candidates quickly and even extend a job offer on the spot. In other words, this could be your best opportunity to meet hiring decision-makers in person and to make a great impression.

6. The PBEO does not post positions for coaches, scouts and other select jobs.

The jobs listed above cover the positions that are available at the job fair and year-round through the PBEO. PBEO.com does NOT handle the following types of positions:

Coaching and Managing Umpires Players

Scouting Athletic Trainers

However, you can find links on PBEO.com for information on pursuing those positions or careers.

7. If you can’t attend the job fair, you can still apply for a job in baseball.

You do not have to attend the job fair to join PBEO. If you do, you can sign up to receive notifications from PBEO when positions open up! In other words, joining PBEO is a great idea for anyone who wants the inside scoop on having a career in baseball.

8. Job fair attendees can also visit the MLB Trade Show taking place and attend the Business of Baseball Workshop Series!

The MLB Winter Meetings are separate from the job fair experience. However, as a registered job fair attendee, you would get to attend the MLB Trade Show, where all the Major League teams will display their merchandise for the upcoming season. But more than

that, you’ll be able to mingle with, meet and network with everyone at the Baseball Trade Show. According to the website:

“The Baseball Trade Show provides an opportunity for exhibitors and attendees to network and socialize on the trade show floor. With more than 250 companies exhibiting their products and services, the Baseball Trade Show is the ideal setting to check out the latest baseball products and services.”

9. Here are the links you should check out for further details:

1. The Job Fair Home Page*

To get a complete overview of the job fair and events.

2. Job Fair Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed answers to any additional questions you might have.

3. Joining PBEO

How to join PBEO. This is NOT job fair registration—online registration is no longer available.

PBEO says the best way to contact them is through email:

Member Services MemberService@PBEO.com Employer Services: Employers@PBEO.com General Information: Info@PBEO.com

December 8th is coming up fast, but there’s still time to make plans to attend, especially if you’ve always dreamed of a job in professional baseball.