Pitching Machines

For over 4 decades, JUGS Sports has remained the leading producer of baseball and softball pitching machines worldwide. JUGS machines are designed to develop muscle memory, hand-eye coordination and to give hitters as many game like strikes as they’ll ever need. Whether you need to work on an 80-mph slider or a 60-mph curveball, JUGS offers a pitching machine to fit your specific needs.

Next Generation Pitching Machine Technology - The BP3

JUGS Sports has now taken the next step in machine technology by developing one of the most cutting edge pitching machines on the market today—The New JUGS BP3, a state of the art 3 wheel pitching machine, that can automatically go from fastballs to changeups without the hitter knowing it. The BP3 also throws both right-handed & left-handed curveballs, sliders, cutters, and split-finger fastballs. Pitch speed is adjustable from 40 to 90 mph, and is digitally displayed on a large 3" LCD screen. This is as close as a machine can get to a live pitcher. JUGS Sports is confident that this new changeup concept will revolutionize how teams take batting practice. Cutting edge ideas like this is one of the many reasons JUGS Sports has remained the #1-selling pitching machine company in the world for over 45 years.

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