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5-Point Hitting Tee™

Price: $89.00



•  Teaches correct hitting fundamentals.

•  Helps develop eye-hand coordination and a quick bat.

•  Teaches the hitter to use the whole field.

•  Teaches correct contact points for inside, middle, and outside.

•  Light-weight and breaks down for easy transport.

•  Patented crisscross 5-point design.

•  Patented Grip-n-Go™ handle for easy transport.

•  NEW ribbed upper tee tubes will prevent your tee tubes from slipping during practice.

•  Two fully adjustable telescoping extension tubes allow use by players of different sizes.




Inside Outside Drill featuring the JUGS 5-Point Hitting Tee™.

JUGS 5-Point Hitting Tee™ comes complete with solid rubber base and 2 fully adjustable extension tubes.

2D Barcode located on base of tee links to video drills highlighting 
the proper way to use the tee along with challenging drills for the 
advanced player.
JUGS offers a complete line of practice balls for use with Hitting Tees.
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