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The Pro-Style Batting Tee with the JUGS Name Behind It.


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No one offers a longer guarantee or lower price on a tee of this quality. No extra weight needed—will not tip over. Features a quick adjustment range of 24” to 45”.


The Pro-Style Batting Tee with the JUGS Name Behind It.


(19 reviews) Write a Review

No one offers a longer guarantee or lower price on a tee of this quality. No extra weight needed—will not tip over. Features a quick adjustment range of 24” to 45”.

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Longest guarantee and lowest price for a pro-style tee. The large 14" x 11", 1/4"-thick steel base adds stability and won't tip over. No extra weight is needed, and the rubber covered base with rounded edges won't scratch or scuff up your gym floor.


The JUGS T is great for both high- and low-tee drills due to its Always-feel-the-ball™ flexible top. Feel the ball on contact, not the tee.


The JUGS T has a quick adjustment range of 24” to 45” and allows hitters to work on their swing mechanics throughout the strike zone. Its telescoping stem unscrews from base, and that, combined with our patented grip-n-go™ handle, makes it easy to transport and fit into most travel bags.





Trusted and used by the very best at every level of baseball and softball.

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    The best tee!

    Posted by KillerWhale on 14 May 2019

    Best training device purchase I have made. It doesn't tip over, doesn't need additional anchoring, adjusts throughout the strike zone, and is very durable. I have had this for 3 seasons with the whole team using, and all off-seasons with my son using, and haven't had to replace anything. More stable than all of the other higher-end tees we have tried.

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    This is a high quality tee.

    Posted by Timothy Mariano on 07 May 2019

    Love this product . Portable and durable. Just like Coach likes his batting tees. Because the base is small I can take it anywhere and its easy to move around the plate to give my players a chance to work on inside and outside pitches.

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    Jugs out-beats Tanner in durability

    Posted by motherofchaos on 07 May 2019

    Torn between Tanner tee & Jugs... after much research I first purchased the tanner. After a years worth of heavy usage, the cone worn flimsy. The jugs tee has held up fabulously so far and is used daily for 13 girls doing tee work. Base is heavier and no flopping over with mishits. It does sit a bit higher than expected, so if you’re planning on using for less than 10U, I’d say go ahead order the shorty piece as well.

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    Best Batting Tee Out There

    Posted by Andrew on 07 May 2019

    Entering season two of constant action the Tee has held up unbelievably well.

    I compared this to the Tanner-T and there is no question the quality of this T is higher. It holds its adjustments better and has a nice weighted plate to keep it steady. I highly recommend.

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    Quality Tee!

    Posted by AJN on 11 Apr 2019

    My son needed a new Tee to practice at home and I was done replacing cheaper Tee's. This Jugs T is very high quality and should last him a lifetime. Our Club uses these Tee's so, I know just how much abuse that can handle and I am impressed! Only wish the Tee when a bit shorter. The short Tee doesn't have a large range so, I went with the standard one so, my son won't be able to work on hitting lower pitches using this Tee. Love the quality of the Tee, Love the weight, (It doesn't fall over at all!) and I received mine just 2 business days after placing the order with free shipping. If you're in the market for a quality tee that will last you, your team or your club a long time, take a look at this tee.

  • 5
    Love this tee!

    Posted by Hawk on 11 Apr 2019

    I got so tired of my $25 made in China tees that you get at Big 5 not even lasting a season. Decided to bite the bullet and spend on something of quality. This Jugs tee is everything I want! I loved it so much the moment I got it, I bought a combo pack a couple days later. What's exceptional about this tee is that it can go up to 46" in height. I've got girls struggling with high strikes. This tee is allowing them quality reps to work on their swing. The shape of the base also allows precise positioning at home plate for inside and outside pitch work. This tee is bomb!

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    Swing away with pride and confidence

    Posted by Horace on 11 Apr 2019

    This is seriously high quality. This tee can't be compared to any basic all rubber base and tee pole that you have seen or used before. This product is outstanding. There are multiple ways to raise and lower the height and the hand grip carved out of the base of this tee is a life-saver. I can't speak high enough about this tee. The only downside (if any) is that the bottom half is a high gloss metal. If you were to strike it hard with a bat I think it has the potential to dent and thus make the shafts inside not raise or move at all. Not certain of that, plus my 11 year old has been playing for 6-7 years now and would never swing that far off, but it may be a concern for younger tee-ballers.

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    It is pretty heavy so it won't tip easy

    Posted by Crnbred on 11 Apr 2019

    The t is comparatively smaller than all other tees I've seen. It is pretty heavy so it won't tip easy . It has a handle and unscrews into 2 pieces which makes it mobile. You can easily carry in most baseball bags. It is made in tiawan but unlike most things made in tiawan Jugs seems to have made a commitment to quality. Every piece and part of the tee seems very durable and built to last.

    I , like most, bought a $30 black rubber tee you see in the box stores and online and like most regret it. The thing cracked after a few hits. I duck taped it over and over . It is functional and I still use it but I wish I would have ponied up years ago and bought this tee instead.

    Simply put, it is worth the money.

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    The best tee - PERIOD

    Posted by D Blair on 11 Apr 2019

    I coach a 14U fastpitch team that my daughter plays on, and my son plays high school baseball. I've used just about every kind of tee out there and the problem with most of them is that they either break after a year or so of use, or they tip over too easy.

    I think that buck stops right here.

    This tee is awesome! My son and daughter use this tee almost every day plus I use it for my travel softball team. It takes a pounding and has held up like a champ. I would have to guess that about 6,000 swings or more have been hit off of it so far and it has only tipped once (due to a player hitting the middle of the shaft - bat slipped).

    I love that this tee goes from as low as 23" up to a height of 46" so you can adjust for just about any scenario.
    The shaft unscrews and removes from the base so you can store it a wheeled bat bag with your gear or even a Bownet, Powernet, or Rukket net bag (with the net itself in there too)
    The base is weighted (about 8 lbs.) and the overall weight is about 10 lbs for a great stability. The base also has an easy carry handle built right in.

    As for overall quality, I would compare this to the original Tanner Tee except you don't need a weighted bag to keep this one upright.
    I highly recommend this tee to any coach at any level. Period!
    It has a 1-year guarantee!