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The playlists below feature drills, instructions and promotional videos. They show a wide variety of JUGS equipment, from machines to tees, and are presented to you by well established coaches including Scott Brosius, Michele Smith, and Dave Gasser. We hope that you and your team will benefit from them. Please view, share, and enjoy them all.

Promotional Videos: JUGS Pitching Machines, Softball Pitching Machines, Baseball Pitching Machines, Protective Screens, Batting Cage Netting, Hitting Tees, Backyard Bullpen and Radar. General Drills5-Point Tee DrillsSoftball Machine DrillsJr. Machine DrillsCurveball Machine Drills, and Changeup Drills. Football Machine Videos featuring Cris Carter, Drills and ESPN Broadcast featuring the JUGS Football Machine.  Lacrosse Machine Videos: Lacrosse Machine Instructional Videos: Instant Screen Instructions, Cube Instructions.

Essentials of Hitting Video Series 1-14: featuring Coach Dave Gasser

JUGS T and Short T Drills (6): featuring 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Michele Smith

JUGS T and Short T Drills (7): featuring 4-Time Olympian, Laura Berg

JUGS Small-Ball Machine (5): featuring 4-Time Olympian, Laura Berg

JUGS T and Short T Drills (10): featuring Coach Dave Gasser

Hitting and Pitching Drills (11): featuring 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Michele Smith

JUGS Football Passing Machines (9): As seen on ESPN. Drills featuring Hall of Fame receiver, Cris Carter.

JUGS Changeup Super Softball Pitching Machine (4): Machine highlights and drills.

JUGS Changeup Baseball Pitching Machine (7): Machine highlights and drills.

JUGS T and Short T Baseball Drills (6)featuring Dom Giancola